Come grow with Friends of South Side! Volunteer form located below, please be sure to include your specific interests. 

Love the buzz you feel after pulling off a friend's surprise party?


Perhaps you are cool under pressure? Are a social media ambassador? Or, maybe you just like moving tables and chairs?


In any case, Friends of South Side always needs assistance in the planning, promoting, and execution of events.


Help us find sponsors, register guests, pass appetizers, or arrange flowers.

Are you an artist? Instructor? Social butterfly? Team player?


Are you known for your attention to detail? Organizational prowess? Time management skills?


Friends of South Side is seeking individuals willing to sacrifice their time and energy to best tackle topics like program development, quality instructor recruitment, and increased event attendance

Is your idea of a good time shopping at the Container Store? Do you make typing into a high-powered sport? Is having a clean desktop tantamount to breathing for you?

Friends of South Side wants your help! Contact us if you want a name tag that reads: 

  • community liaison  

  • social media guru 

  • form builder extraordinaire 

  • paper cutting expert

  • I.T. specialist 

  • Twitter - Black Circle
  • Facebook - Black Circle
  • Instagram - Black Circle

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