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South Side Cultural Arts Center boasts a modern culinary teaching kitchen and dance studios that would make any instructor drool. Talented instructors are given the elevated space they deserve to come together to impart skills, share ideas, and connect with students of all ages.  The programming possibilities are limitless as classrooms serve as blank canvases to instructors free to design their own unique curriculum.

The City of Fort Lauderdale's Parks and Recreation Department  is responsible for all policies and procedures relating to the hiring and employment of instructors at South Side Cultural Arts Center. If you have any questions regarding employment qualifications (including insurance requirements), the hiring process, scheduling,  paperwork, or payment please reach out to the Parks & Recreation Department directly. 


seeking qualified instructors in the following areas

 - clay -  photography - graphic design - website development

- musical lessons - literary workshops - STEM - sculpture - visual arts - native plant landscaping  - cheesemaking - needle point

- calligraphy workshops

. . .okay, now we're just making things up, your turn!

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